Asterisk* from Singapore will be representing the Singapore/Malaysia server in FSL Elite Main Event after clinching the champion title in the recently concluded FSL SG/MY Finals! The team has been the undefeated champion for the past 3 years in FSL Singapore/Malaysia!

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Asterisk* team photo

Player Profiles (L-R)
Jungle: Jolene “Lustreless” Poh, 22 Years Old
ADC: Valarie “Aya” Seng, 28 Years Old
Sup: Jeslyn “Claria” Kweh, 23 Years Old
Top: Sha Sha “MayoNaiZi” Xiang, 20 Years Old
Mid: Yun Qin “Candleburn” Chua, 24 Years Old

First champion played

What is your first champion you learned in game?

Lustreless: Leblanc
Aya: Ashe
Claria: Fizz
MayoNaiZi: Annie
Candleburn: Syndra

What roles do you play?

Lustreless: Every role except Top
Aya: Marksman and Mid
Claria: Support, Jungle and Top
MayoNaiZi: Top
Candleburn: Mid -> Top -> Support mainly

Not surprisingly, most of the members are able to flex into different roles with their wide champion pool shown below!

Favourite champions

What are your top 3 favourite champions?

Lustreless: Lulu, Kindred, Ezreal
Aya: Anivia, Ashe, Draven
Claria: Vayne, Lee Sin, Leeseen
MayoNaiZi: Fiora, Renekton, Aatrox
Candleburn: Akali, Irelia, Lulu

Claria apparently likes Lee Sin a lot and decided to throw in a variation of his name, so there you have it, 2 Lee Sins. No it’s not an error, thanks Claria.

How did you find your team and eventually competitive gaming?

Lustreless: Was introduced to the team by a friend, and the Asterisk DOTA team has always been an inspiration to me so I was very glad to be able to be part of the organisation.
Aya: I was searching for a female team to compete with and Asterisk has always been my goal since they are one of the pioneer female team in League of Legends.
Claria: My friend introduced me to Asterisk.
MayoNaiZi: I was approached by Asterisk when they needed a top laner.
Candleburn: My friend introduced me, I have always been into the competitive scene.

Asterisk* first made their mark with their DotA team which was formed back in 2004. Ever since, they have expanded their titles to include teams such as League of Legends. They continue to attract female talents and gamers in Singapore. While the female esports scene is still developing, we ask the team how they feel about all-female tournaments.

What do you think about all-female tournaments?

Lustreless: All-female tournaments are great in terms of encouraging ladies to have a shot at competitive gaming, which is an environment they may shy away from considering how male-dominated MOBA games are. It also engages both genders in positive ways such as exposure and community strengthening.
Aya: It is a good exposure to many females out there whom are seeking competitive gaming and for people who want to prove that gender does not matter.
Claria: All good, hope to have more female tournament.
MayoNaiZi: Very nice, I love meeting so many girls.
Candleburn: COOL! Riot should organize an all-female tourney (something like all-stars). It will surely be hyped and it gives us females a chance to play on stage.

Asterisk* with their coach at FSL SG/MY Finals Jan’19

How is the team preparing for FSL Elite Main Event?

Lustreless: Most of us play together on a daily basis even if we’re not having team practice. For team practice (scrims/ranked flex), it will be held 2-3 times on a weekly basis nearing competition period.
Aya: Team practices usually once or twice per week depending on our availability as some of us are working/studying so we have to accommodate to each other
Claria: 1-2 team training per week and some of us play together almost everyday
MayoNaiZi: We try our best to play together as often as possible despite our busy schedules.
Candleburn: 2 days online training per week

Apart from training together regularly, the team also plays other games casually together. Claria mentioned the team is “Always playing ‘Don’t Starve Together’ as part of team bonding 😉” to prepare for the upcoming FSL Elite Main Event. Hmmm….

What keeps you motivated despite commitments?

Lustreless: League is the only game I play so it’s my only focus, gaming wise. I also enjoy learning about the game a lot, especially at the macro level. It’s also helpful that a lot of my close friends are also my League pals, so I have people to accompany me in my games 😀
Aya: League of Legends is quite a complex game. I am always striving to get better in it – be it knowledge or champion mechanics.
Claria: To be the best female team in Singapore
MayoNaiZi: I have a bunch of lovely and caring teammates to motivate me and carry me
Candleburn: Motivation to be the best of the best

Are you excited to challenge the foreign teams in an offline setting?

Lustreless: Yes definitely! This is the very first SEA female tournament and I’m super eager to meet all the ladies from the other countries. We’ll have a lot to learn from one another for sure!
Aya: Definitely excited to challenge other country’s female team as different country/server will have different kind of play style and champion pool which will be challenging for us to adapt to and overcome
MayoNaiZi: Definitely excited to fight against so many good female players
Candleburn: Yes, this is the first time we’re fighting other girls teams from SEA, i believe it’ll be a memorable and fun experience!

Asterisk* doing an interview at FSL SG/MY Finals

Despite being 3-time Champions, the girls thread carefully with the appearance of new threats from their new SEA opponents. Well, most of them anyway.

How confident are you guys for FSL Elite? What teams do you see standing in your way of becoming Champions?

Lustreless: I’m confident in our team’s ability especially after their performance during the FSL SG/MY Finals. I think this will be a very competitive event though and that all of the teams are equally threatening to us.
Aya: Every team that made it to FSL Elite
Claria: Yes very confident for FSL Elite! I think EVOS will be strong!
MayoNaiZi: I feel that all the teams are very strong. Candleburn: As we’ve never played against each other before, I think it’s a coin flip. All teams looks strong, we’ll try our best!

Has esports and/or League of Legends left a significant impact on your life?

Lustreless: Esports have shaped my life to what it is today, and I look forward to the future when esports in Singapore grow even bigger!
Aya: Esports has definitely made a significant impact in my life. For someone that has always been playing games since young, this is a chance for me to showcase my skills for recognition and attain achievements along with my team.
Candleburn: Yes definitely! We all trained hard for tournaments and esports provides us with the opportunity to showcase our skills in a competitive scene.

FSL Elite Main Event will be happening on 23rd-24th February at Singtel Recreation Club @ Comcentre! Head down to the event to support your favourite female team and stand a chance to win amazing prizes from Garena, XSplit and Secretlab! RSVP here: http://bit.ly/FSLElite

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