EVOS Valkyrie received a direct invite to FSL Elite after clinching champion in last December’s Girls Power Championship!

EVOS Valkyrie

Player Profiles (L-R):
Sup: Nguyễn Ngọc Ái “Vidau” Vi , 24 Years Old
ADC: Nguyễn Thi Kim “Kamiho” Anh, 20 Years Old
Mid: Lê Thanh “Yue” Hảo, 18 Years Old
Jungle: Nguyễn Thị Thu “KillerT” Thảo, 23 Years Old
Top: Nguyễn Khánh “Max” Ngọc, 23 Years Old

First champion played

What is the first champion you learned in game?

Vidau: Vi
Kamiho: Lux
Yue: Nidalee
KillerT: Katarina
Max: Garen

Favourite Champions

What are your top 3 favourite champions?

Vidau: Thresh, Annie, Katarina
Kamiho: Kalista, Syndra, Thresh
Yue: Alistar, Orianna, Lissandra
KillerT: Rengar, Lee Sin, Jax
Max: Darius, Yorick, Neeko

We see some unconventional champions here as compared to the previous teams! Looks like EVOS Valkyrie will have quite an interesting and perhaps different lineup as compared to their opponents.

How did you find your team and eventually competitive gaming?

Vidau: Gaming is my only hobby growing up as a teen. I started playing LoL in Season 3, and begin queuing rank game after 1 year. I got Silver II in 1st season, and then I tried hard enough to climb to Challenger rank in 2017. I think gaming has helped me learn how to stay focused and self-develop many skills, also I made of lot friends when playing game, and finally bring me to EVOS Valkyrie.
Kamiho: Originally we had an old team, which got me and Vidau as the core members before we join EVOS. We played a lot together and we tried to attend several small tournament for girls, but we did not succeed at 1st.
Yue: I played LoL for about 3 years ago, and find myself quite good as a player, so I decided to find a team to join, to compete at semi or pro level.
KillerT: I started playing LoL 6 years ago, and I join EVOS Valkyrie to compete at tournaments and show that I excel in this game.
Max: I came to EVOS Valkyrie through an invitation from an old member, they were lacking a Top Laner and I am an perfect fit. The team’s members are really lovely and caring so that’s why we can have lotta fun playing and competing together.

Vidau and Kamiho started playing together before joining EVOS, with the support of their manager they managed to attain even greater achievements today. While members’ experience in LoL ranges from 3 years to 6 years, they get along well together and have lots of fun playing with each other.

What keeps you motivated to train despite commitments?

Max: I’ve been always interested in playing game, and I think I will work in Game business after my graduation, so that’s why attending big tournament like FSL is really good for me and team to gain experiences and public recognition.
KillerT: To show that any any girls can beat guys at gaming if they try hard enough.

According to Kamiho, EVOS Valkyrie managed to get second place at a Girl’s Tournament hosted by Garena Vietnam, and 1st Championship of Girl Power Cup hosted by CubeTV. Now, they are flying down to Singapore for a chance to win FSL Elite.

Are you excited to head down to Singapore for FSL Elite?

Vidau: I can’t wait to compete in Singapore!
Kamiho: We’re really excited for getting invited to join FSL, and we promise to show our best!
Yue: EVOS Valkyries’s sisters have brought my dream to reality and I’m very excited to compete in Singapore. I believe we are the 1st Vietnamese female team to join an international event such as FSL, and we are ready to show off our skills.

The team seems to be confident but still respects their opponent and keep them in their sight.

How confident are you guys for FSL Elite? What teams do you see standing in your way of becoming Champions?

Vidau: I’m confident that we will make it to the Finals, even though I think Barcy Esports and Asterisk are really strong opponents.
Max: I see Asterisk as the most fearsome opponent, but the other two team are very strong as well.

How is the team preparing for FSL Elite Main Event?

Yue: Recently we train a lot together, especially me, since I changed my position to midlane.
KillerT: I train with team a lot,practice skills and dodge skill shots in ARAM.

While most teams are looking forward to be champions, EVOS Valkyrie takes into account the fun and memories the team will be creating in Singapore! Apart from the 1st prize, making friends and having fun are on their priority list too. Afterall, it’s the experience that matters!

What are you looking forward to do most in Singapore?

Yue: This is a chance for me and the team to meet all the female players from other countries and having partner to scrim later. We do hope that we can get the Championship for our Vietnamese fans!
KillerT: I hope that we can go into the Finals and have a really fun time in Singapore.
Max: During this trip in Singapore, I hope that our team can have a lot of good memories, good group selfies, try as much as good food, and also the 1st prize hehe!

FSL Elite Main Event will be happening on 23rd-24th February at Singtel Recreation Club @ Comcentre! Head down to the event to support your favourite female team and stand a chance to win amazing prizes from Garena, XSplit and Secretlab! RSVP here: http://bit.ly/FSLElite

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