In this interview, let us introduce you to Close Behind E-Sports. They are the winner of FSL Elite Thailand Qualifier!

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Close Behind E-Sport

Player Profiles (L-R)
Sup: Junpisa “LovelyToonZ” Anant , 25 Years Old
ADC: Kuntharin “Rairyy” Rungkhositsrisakun, 15 Years Old
Mid: Natcha “Salmon Pink” Kerd-in, 18 Years Old
Jungle: Aroonthip “Saba Blue” Sulyapromkul, 23 Years Old
Top: Nuttawalai “ComfyRoof” Chutichotchai, 16 Years Old

First champion played

What is the first champion you learned in game?

LovelyToonZ: Leona
Rairyy: Ashe
Salmon Pink: Katarina
Saba Blue: Ashe
ComfyRoof: Volibear

Team founder, LovelyToonZ mentions that she initially created the team for fun but it somehow became serious later on. With members casually joining via playing together through other friends!

Favourite Champions

What are your top 3 favourite champions?

LovelyToonZ: Leona, Zyra, Blitzcrank
Rairyy: Xayah, Kaisa, Lux
Salmon Pink: Evelynn, Katarina, Neeko
Saba Blue: Irelia, Vayne, Camile
ComfyRoof: Kindred, Kled, Nasus

When we asked what they felt about an all-female tournament, LovelyToonZ said that it is very fun as it is very different from normal tournaments. There is a higher chance to meet friends and fellow female gamers who are participating in the league.

Close Behind E-Sports takes their training seriously – with different schedules for everyone, they gather online to play after 9PM everyday! They scrim with normal teams and practice whenever they can to prepare for FSL Elite Main Event.

Despite the hectic and late schedule, they stay motivated and focused.

What keeps you motivated to train despite commitments?

Rairyy: Want to win and lead Thailand to be the best in SEA
Salmon Pink: I just want to play the game
Saba Blue: Wanting to be better
ComfyRoof: Want to win and be the best top laner

Members of Close Behind E-Sports are generally excited to head down to Singapore, but even more so for LovelyToonZ who has the strong support from her family who are just as excited for her!

How confident are you guys for FSL Elite? What teams do you see standing in your way of becoming Champions?

Rairyy: 100%. I’m sure Thai team will win!
Saba Blue: I’m confident in my team
ComfyRoof: Not that much confident, but I am confident in my own skills

Looks like there is a mixed response from the team but each member are confident of their own skills! We are definitely looking forward to see them compete with the other team during FSL Elite Main Event!

FSL Elite Main Event will be happening on 23rd-24th February at Singtel Recreation Club @ Comcentre! Head down to the event to support your favourite female team and stand a chance to win amazing prizes from Garena, XSplit and Secretlab! RSVP here: http://bit.ly/FSLElite

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