We have a rank 37 player in our tournament!

Jiaa from Asterisk

Jiaa from Asterisk has a whopping 7897 MMR (Support), this Singaporean player has been playing Dota 2 for 8 years!

She previously won FSL Season 5 and Season 6 in the same team, Asterisk.

While she is in Group B now, we shall see how the games go when they go against an equally strong competitor, Pacific Pink in Group A.

Speaking of! We have Meeri who has 6,800 MMR and a rank of 326! An amazing feat no doubt, with 7 years of experience in Dota 2.

Meeri is from the Philippines and has participated and won several tournaments such as the TNC Cup Esports 2018 and Flight of the Valkyrie.

Pacific Pink will once again prove to be a strong opponent looking to keep their champion crown from the previous FSL.

Jaina is back in our tournament in a new team – Elite! Previously from Pacific Pink, she’ll be facing her ex-teammates in the Upper Brackets Bo3 tomorrow at 12PM (GMT +8). It’s definitely a match to look out for!

With just 4 years playing Dota 2 and 3 Years in the competitive scene, she has a core MMR of 6,180 which is no small feat!

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