Congratulations to the TOP 8 teams moving forward to Dota 2 Playoffs!

Top 8 Group Stage Team

From Group A:

  1. Pacific Pink 14W – 0L (Upper Bracket)
  2. Valor Esports 12W – 2L (Upper Bracket)
  3. Witches 11W – 3L (Lower Bracket)
  4. Frosty Fire 11W- 3L (Lower Bracket)

From Group B:

  1. Asterisk 14W – 0L (Upper Bracket)
  2. Elite 12W – 2L (Upper Bracket)
  3. Steelwolves Einherjar 11W – 3L (Lower Bracket)
  4. Queens of the Apocalypse 11W – 3L (Lower Bracket)

These teams will be competing in the playoffs next week to vy for a spot in this year’s FSL Elite Dota 2!

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