FSL Elite PH Qualifier Winner – Barcy Esports Interview

Barcy Esports is the winner of FSL Elite Philippines Qualifier! They have shown tenacity, skills and teamwork fighting their fellow PH competitors and finally emerged Champions in their region after climbing back up from the lower brackets!

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Player Profiles (L-R)
Sup: Madielen Grace “BE Mads” Pangato, 21 Years Old
Top: Mary Jane “janey” Buguis, 20 Years Old
ADC: Ayni Jamarma “Ayns” Pabillon, 22 Years Old
Jungle: Mika Daime “Wicked” Sabate, 23 Years Old
Mid: Trisha “Missy Hops” Badelles, 21 Years Old

Most of the team members have been playing Lol for about 6 years! With the exception of Missy Hops who been playing for 4 years. That’s an impressive amount of dedication!

What is the first champion you learned in game?

BE Mads: Teemo
Janey: Katarina
Ayns: Darius
Wicked: Ashe & Katarina
Missy Hops: Annie

Looks like Ayns choice on Darius raises some eyebrows but I guess we know what type she likes now! We also ask the players what are their individual roles in the game. Amazingly, most of the players are able to flex and change their role depending on the situation.

What roles do you play?

BE Mads: Support & Top
Janey: I’m playing all roles but my main is top lane
Ayns: I play ADC all the time, but if I don’t have any choice, I can play jungle or mid.
Wicked: I main jungle but I can also play mid, adc and support.
Missy Hops: All lanes but mid is my best role

We see a wide variety of the players favourite hero in the list below, allowing them to flex when needed and to expand hero pool amongst the team.

What are your top 3 favourite champion?

BE Mads: Nami, Taric, Urgot
Janey: Renekton, Darius, Urgot
Ayns: Vayne, Lucian, Kalista
Wicked: Graves, Kindred, Neeko
Missy Hops: Riven, Orianna, Ahri

How did you find your team and eventually competitive gaming?

BE Mads: I met them during all girls tournaments. We came from two different teams and FSL PH qualifiers was the first tournament that we competed as allies.
Janey: Our jungler and I are the core members of our team
Ayns: My original teammate was BE Mds , we’ve been joining tournaments since 2017 but I have to leave the team due to some personal reasons. I quit playing league for 7 months, but when I heard about FSL and Ate Miks (our jungler-Captain) is looking for teammates, I message her to ask if I can join. I refer BE Mds to take over as my support cause I know how solid she is with that role. Luckily we won.
Wicked: I contacted our manager paolo to sponsor Barcy Esports and i decided to find the other 4 members in our team.
Missy Hops: I found them after my first all female tournament Mika Daime wants me to be on her team for the next incoming All Female Tournament

What do you think about all-female tournaments?

BE Mads: It is exciting and fulfilling to compete with other girls.
Janey: It’s exciting
Ayns: It always bring out my competitive side.
Wicked: I’m happy that females can compete in video games I’ve always been dreaming about this. Girls not being bullied in video games because they can’t play well.. and now this is our chance to prove to people that girls can play better than them too.
Missy Hops: It’s pretty exciting for me because I get to fight with other girls that play League of Legends and it also brings me happiness because after every tournament i get a lot of new friends. Barcy Esports practices 5 – 7 times a week for the tournament. Each time, the practice lasts for almost 4 hours. They come in the form of playing Flex, Scrim and Solo Queue if the other players are not available to play together.Of course, the main event is coming up and the teams that qualified for FSL Elite Main Event are all practicing and possible stressing out about competing with the top tier teams from each region. Let us see how they are preparing for it!

How is the team preparing for FSL Elite Main Event?

BE Mads: By improving our communication, practicing new comp, and researching for better play styles.
Janey: Practicing, researching, analyzing etc.
Ayns: We are looking for information that we can apply on our daily practice, also we’re seeking advice from our coach to strengthen our weaknesses. Having some scrim with high ELO boys.
Wicked: We’re trying to match our schedules so we can practice well. Missy Hops: We have a coach that helps us about how to make our teamplay work and we also watch new metas that would be applicable for the incoming main event

What keeps you motivated to train despite commitments?

BE Mads: To achieve my biggest dream since I joined tournaments and also to bring honor to the Philippines.
Janey: Cause this is once in a lifetime opportunity and also this is one of my goal why Im playing league
Ayns: It’s really hard, cause I have to wake up at 6 am to prepare for my 8 am job. Then go home at 5 pm, and will get ready to be online at 6 pm to 12 am. Roughly, I’ll just have 5-6 hrs of sleep everyday. But since this is my passion, and I know that I still have responsibilities I can’t quit. Hopefully, I can start streaming so that I can quit my job and enjoy the things that I really want to do.
Wicked: I’ve always wanted to play in all girls tournament and I want to be the best girl jungler in PH but now I want to aim for Asia too!
Missy Hops: What really keeps me motivated to train is that i want all the League of legends players that though I’m just a woman/girl/female i can still play well as them like profesional because every time i play league then there is a woman in our team they discriminate judge and shame all the girls out there that’s why i keep my training on playing league and keep my gameplay good despite of my commitmentsWe wonder if it was a walk in the park for Barcy Esports in their region and we find mixed responses. While they feel their position is secured in their own region, the top teams from each region, rightfully, would pose as a threat to them.

Were there any teams that posed a serious threat or left a significant impact during this tournament?

Janey: None so far
Ayns: I think all of the teams that will join FSL will be a threat for us. They weren’t there if they’re not strong enough to represent their country. Wicked: Yes, there are some veterans players
Missy Hops: For me none of them gives a big impact in our team because as far as I know my team plays well more than any team that participated in the FSL PH Qualifiers.We have a couple of exciting stuff lined up from a itinerary to delicious eateries lined up for the teams to explore themselves. They are excited too!

Are you excited to head down to Singapore for FSL Elite?

BE Mads: YES
Janey: Yeah of course, I heard that Singapore is a beautiful and clean country
Ayns: Yep, I’m excited
Wicked: Yes, first time abroad
Missy Hops: Of course I’m very excited because this would be my first ever out of the country trip and were representing the Philippines what would be more God could give me.

How confident are you guys for FSL Elite? What teams do you see standing in your way of becoming Champions?

BE Mads: We are confident because we played a lot of tournaments back then and we trust each other. I think Asterisk* from SG/MY will give us a hard time because of their good performance during the tournament. Janey: I’m confident because I trust myself and also my team.
Wicked: I’m not sure about our skills since we never play against other region but we will try our very best.
Missy Hops: We’re very confident to fight against other teams because all of us are committed on playing our roles and keeping our team play good and I think that the team that will stand in our way is all of the team that will represent their country.

Has Esports and/or League of Legends left a significant impact on your life?

BE Mads: Yes, because I really love playing video games and competing for this tournament makes me genuinely happy.
Janey: Yeah of course, I think my life is incomplete when there’s no league Wicked: Yes I am a streamer and I’ve known as one of the good jungler in all girls tournament here in PHFinally, we end off with the cliche, but tricky question for Barcy Esports. While we expected food, we did not expect the unanimous answer throughout the team of becoming champions.

What are you looking forward to do the most in Singapore?

BE Mads: I’m looking forward to win the tournament and to eat some great foods!
Janey: Im looking forward to win the fsl tournament that’s all.
Ayns: To be FSL Champion, and to meet some of my friends there.
Wicked: The tournament and also food!
Missy Hops: I want to enjoy there with my team and also we really want to win the FSL Elite Main Event and take home the title.

FSL Elite Main Event will be happening on 23rd-24th February at Singtel Recreation Club @ Comcentre! Head down to the event to support your favourite female team and stand a chance to win amazing prizes from Garena, XSplit and Secretlab! RSVP here: http://bit.ly/FSLElite

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