Getting to know the FSL Elite teams: Top 10 Dinos, winner of FSL LoL SGMYID.
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  • Top: Cindy “yurith” Anastasia
  •  Jungle/Team Captain: Gwyneth “sbubby” D Cotta
  •  Mid: Amelia “ailema” Lee
  •  Marksman: Ryu “Vortex” Ary
  •  Support: Wong “Vainie” Ming Yan

Q: Hello Top 10 Dinos! Please introduce your members and share a fun fact about yourself 😊

sbubby: My fun fact is that I started playing jungle since Season 7, and my favourite champion is Kayn!
Vortex: A fun fact for me is that I wanted a dinosaur as a pet when I was a kid (Could this be the inspiration behind their team name?)
Vainie: Although I main support, Irelia is my offrole main!
Yurith: The first champion I ever otp-ed was Veigar and I had 2000 normal games on him purely, excluding ranked games. I got to Diamond 3 just playing Veigar. Abandoned him after the rework though 
Amelia: Ailema spelled backwards is my real name, Amelia! Wooohoo~

Q: How did it feel playing from the Lower Brackets up to the Grand Finals and winning?

sbubby: When we first lost on Day 1, we weren’t disheartened or upset. We focused on what went wrong and how we were going to change it going into Day 2. Being in the loser bracket every match is a win or you’re out situation, which ignited the fire in us and made us take every game more seriously than in Day 1. Looking back, our loss in Day 1 led to us showing the best versions of ourselves during Day 2.

Q Do you have any thoughts on heading to FSL Elite? Who you think will be your toughest opponent.

sbubby: From watching the broadcasts of all the other nations, we know this will be one of the toughest set of matches we will be playing. Every team looks formidable, so we know we have to bring our best and work even harder during the 2 weeks before Elite!

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