Get to know the FSL Elite teams! We’ve got an interview as well as compiled highlights from EVOS Esports, winner of FSL AoV SGMYID, click read more to read

  • Jungle: Lia “LW” Wijaya
  •  Support: Wiwin “Pixie” Eka Yanthi
  •  Dark Slayer: Tia “Sherry” Takiyah
  •  Mid: Tasia “Tazy” Eda Lestari
  •  Abyssal Dragon/Captain: Tiara “Ravalda” Evalda Febriaty
  •  Abyssal Dragon: Jesslyn “Lynn” Wulandari
Check out their team highlights here!

Q: Hi Evos, please introduce your members and share a fun fact about yourself! 😊

Evos: After we disbanded from our old teams, the players went their own ways to DoTA, MLBB, etc. We regrouped and came together as EVOS Ladies team. We’re the very first AoV Ladies team under EVOS.

All of the members have won AoV National Championships Ladies before. LW and Pixie were from SES and were the winners in Princess Cup S2. Ravalda, Tazy, and Lyn were from BTR and were the winners in Princess Cup S1.

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Photo credit: EVOS Esports Facebook

Q: Do the ladies play any other games other than AoV?

Ravalda: I cast AoV tournaments, but also play other games such as Freefire. However, my main focus is on the AoV competitive scene now.
Lyn: I play DoTA 😀
LW: I’ve won a FPS tournament before, and have played MLBB too.
Pixie: I play the mobile game, DoTA Underlords!
Tasia: I’ve played MLBB for a while in the past.

Q: Any thoughts on competing in FSL Elite and playing against EVOSxBazaar, another EVOS team?

Evos: We are very excited and grateful for this opportunity. This is the team’s first time going abroad for a tournament, and also a first in representing Indonesia as an esports team. Even though we believe that we can beat EVOSxBazaar in game, we will still put up our best performance and never give up for EVOS and Indonesia.

Counting down… 3 more days to FSL Elite AOV!

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