Get to know the FSL Elite teams!
We’ve got an interview as well as compiled highlights from EVOSxBazaar.7TREASURE, winner of FSL AoV Thailand.

  • Jungle: Salinee “Mazz” Ungkanawarangkana
  •  Support: Nonthawat “EUNHA” Paidam
  •  Dark Slayer: Pinyaluck “alyse” Thitasirivit
  •  Mid: Tuangrat “DLucy” Wareechanthakhet
  •  Abyssal Dragon/Captain: Thayika “FZK” Suwarakornku
  •  Support: Sirikorn “GAEUN” Suwarakornkul
  •  Support: Thananya “MERMIND” Taphanbun
Check out EVOS 7TREASURE team highlights here!

Q: Hi EvosxBazaar! Please introduce your members and share a fun fact about yourself 😄

EUNHA: When I was playing with the team for qualifiers, everyone commented that I played well but I was actually lagging and no one could tell.
DLucy: When I played on Venie, I got too excited and failed to notice that I did not buy my boots for the rest of the game.
Mazz: I usually request for a certain pick in the last phase of draft but my teammates pick me stuff that I can’t play. T^T
FZK: My bad play makes me paranoid.
Alyse: When I’m not playing well, I’ll talk to myself to try to calm myself down.
GAEUN: I can lose sense between left and right at times. xD
MERMIND: I freak out easily, but I still like telling my team to go for objectives!

Image may contain: 7 people, people smiling, people standing and shoes
Team EvosxBazaar.7TREASURE
Photo Credit: Team EvosxBazaar.7TREASURE Facebook Page

Q: How did it feel playing to the grand finals from the lower brackets?

FZK: I went to the mirror and told myself “I can do this”. The next day, I really did play better!
MERMIND: It was really tiring for us because we practiced a lot in the day and slept very little. For the tournament, every game was longer than usual, even more so when the opponents are disciplined in their own gameplay.

Q: What are your thoughts on going to FSL Elite and playing against EVOS Esports?

EvosxBazaar 7Treasure: Even though they’re also under EVOS, we will still play our best against them. There is no familyhood in war, but if they were to be the eventual champions, we will definitely respect them as the best AoV team.

Just 1 more day to FSL Elite AOV! The teams are all arriving and preparing for their final showdown on 5th September and 6th September.
Come down to show your support or watch our stream from the comfort of your home!

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