We have an interesting analysis for those who wants to “spy” on their opponents! Just kidding, fun facts for our viewers to enjoy.

#1 – Pacific Pink REALLY hates Meepo. They have the MOST Meepo bans.

#2 – Asterisk HATES meta heroes, banning Nightstalker, Lifestealer and Shadow Demon almost every single game.

#3 – Elite’s hero pool is one to be amazed by, picking the most number of heroes at 40

#4 – On the flip-side, Valor Esports has mastered and chose to stick to their favourite heroes with 25 picks!

#5 – Meeri from Pacific Pink has the HIGHEST average GPM & XPM. Not something to trifle with, gotta watch out for her in games.

#6 – Queens of the Apocalypse bring fire with most picks on Lina. While absolutely avoiding Gyrocopter!

#7 – Pangolins are going extinct due to being hunted! Luckily, Witches prevents that by banning Pangolier and avoiding him on the battlefield. #savethepangolins

#8 – LAST but not least, we now know why Ogre wasn’t a 100% pick rate with Steelwolves banning it 6 times! 🙁

Hope you all enjoyed the mini-facts, tune in to our Facebook Page to find out more!

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