With the group stages over let us consolidate some statistics we have gathered to share with our viewers!

In Group Stage Week 1, we see a whopping 51 games played.

Group Stage Week 1 Statistics

No doubt that our two-headed friend would be the most picked, it’s 2-for-1 after all! Ogre was picked 24 out of 51 games! (47.1%)

Group Stage Week 2 Standings

Our group standings for week 2 is released! With Pacific Pink in Group A and Asterisk in Group B, BOTH remaining undefeated with a winning spree.

Let’s see if we will have any changes to our standings in the coming weeks as they do have some strong competitors vying for the top spot!

Ogre continues to dominate as our most picked heroes! We see a different pool of hero for our week 2 games other than our two-headed friend.

We are looking forward to the following weeks of group stages with strong teams all around competing for a chance to enter the playoffs!

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