FSL MLBB Rules and Regulations

**Rules and regulations will be updated on an as-needed basis, please check back regularly for the most updated version**
**Please note that by registering for this tournament, the player allows the organiser to use (not limited to) their likeness, video, audio and visual materials, royalty-free and in perpetuity.**

  1. Eligibility
    1. The tournament is open to (game) players of ___ level.
    2. Participating players must be currently residing in ______.
    3. Players must be above 14 years of age.
    4. Players under 18 years of age must have parental consent to participate.
  2. Registration
    1. Registration for your team can be found here: _________________
  3. Tournament Format
    1. Hosting
      1. The admin will create the in-game lobby. The players should follow the instructions from the admin on how to enter the lobby.
    2. Lobby Settings
      1. During the regular season, a coin toss is used to determine who has pick priority. In the playoffs, teams with higher rank in the regular season will have pick priority in the first game of a match. Pick priority will then alternate between the two teams for the rest of the match.
      2. The team from the upper bracket has pick priority in the Grand Final regardless of ranking in the regular season.
    3. Game mode
      1. The game mode will be 5v5 on Custom Game – Draft Mode
      2. Double Elimination
      3. All matches will be BO_, Grand Finals will be BO_
  4. General Rules
    1. By attending the competition participants acknowledge without limitation to comply with the rules and regulations, official announcement, and with the statements and decisions made by the referees.
    2. Every participant acknowledges the right for the administration to modify the rules and regulations for adjustments at any time without notice.
    3. Every participant has to show the needed respect towards referees and other participants. Insults and unfair or disrespectful behaviour towards anyone are not tolerated and will be punished. Disrespectful behaviour occurring during a game will result in the following:
  1. First Warning that the team captain has to acknowledge
  2. Second Warning will lead to forfeiting the game
  3. Third Warning will lead to disqualification from the tournament
  4. In case of extraordinary circumstances, the referee may decide to abstain from the punishment.
  1. Every participant must always have the newest version of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang installed and has to check for updates in time before each match. Unless a new version comes out right before the match, patching is not a valid reason to delay it.
  2. Every team accepts the official schedule of the competition and declares its ability to be available during these times.
  3. Every team and participant has to try to win every game at every stage of the competition. Purposefully losing for any reason is strictly forbidden.
  4. If requested, teams and individual are required to cooperate with interviews, reporting, video shootings and other activities planned and organized by the organizers. Teams also agree to allow the organizers to use their team logos or pictures for promotional purposes.
  5. Impersonating a player, match fixing, cheating and any actions that compromises the integrity of the match will result in the nullification of all gained points and immediate disqualification from the tournament.
  6. Ingame names must not be offensive, and each player has to have his official information set up. This includes submission of Game ID and/or Player ID. Every player has to be correctly marked as a member of the team.
  7. Only registered players are allowed to participate in the competition. Reserve players are not allowed to join other teams or participate for other teams.
  1. Game Rules
    1. Roster Size
      1. The minimum amount of player is five, with one open position for a reserve player (optional). The maximum roster size is six. In the event of a substitution or roster change the old or inactive player must also be removed.
    2. Lineup Changes
      1. Team members can be removed anytime as long as at least five members are left. To request a removal, the captain or manager of the team or the affected member himself has to contact an admin about it.
      2. A new member can only be added during the competition, if he hasn’t played a game for another team inside the competition. To request an addition, the captain or manager of the team has to provide the administration all additional information requested.
      3. If any data about the team needs to be changed, the captain or manager of the team can request this towards an admin at any time. If any data of a specific team member needs to be changed, the participant or his captain or manager can request this towards an admin at any time.
      4. Player account must be in good standing and players are not allowed to change accounts throughout the league.
  1. In-game Rules
    1. Pausing
      1. Players can inform the referee to pause the game only when one of the following situations occur. The reason must be reported to the referee/marshall after the pause. The acceptable reasons are :
        • Accidental disconnect
        • Hardware or software error (e.g. device malfunction or game client problem,high latency affecting gameplay. The pause can only be considered legal if the referee/marshall in charge can confirm the high latency and instability of the network.)
        • Physical disruption (e.g. damaged table and chair, disturbance from fans)
    2. Disconnecting
      1. In the case that (a) player(s) disconnect(s), the team is allowed to continue to play the match at a disadvantage. The disconnected player(s) have to rejoin the match as soon as they’re able to. Continued disconnection and rejoins is allowed no more than 3 times. After 3 rejoins the team must continue without the disconnected player.
    3. Match-fixing
      1. The definition of match fixing is when two or more players have reached an agreement, accepting any form of benefits, conducting an illegitimate match and trying to manipulate the results of the match.
      2. Players and/or teams found to have been match-fixing will be disqualified. Participations in future tournaments may be compromised.
    4. Bug & Hacks
      1. If any serious bugs occur, the game has to be paused immediately and the administration decides how to continue. Knowingly abusing a bug is strictly forbidden. Any team/member that is caught exploiting bugs will face disqualification of the whole team from the league.
      2. The usage of any third-party software that provides unfair player advantage during a match is strictly forbidden. Any team caught using these tools will be disqualified from the league.
    5. Disputes
      1. Teams have 15 minutes after the match concludes to message an admin on discord and protest the match. If a protest is not brought to the attention of the broadcast admin in the allotted time frame, it will not be considered an official protest and all match results will stay as is. Match protests must include screenshots clearly showing the results of the match/series. Teams are responsible for providing proof of match results in case of disputes.
  2. Other Rules
    1. Remake Rules
      1. A match can only be restarted with prior admin approval. In a restarted game each participant must choose the same side, and heroes, as picked at the start of the the original match.
    2. Tiebreaker Rules
      1. If at the end of the regular season there is a draw:
        • Involving 2 teams, the ranking will be decided according to head-to-head record, the winner gets the higher ranking;
        • Involving more than 2 teams, a single set of BO1 will be played among the teams involved, ranking will be according to the points;
        • If after the BO1, the ranking is still a draw, then shortest average match time to win in the BO1 is used;
        • If a situation arises in which these conditions are unable to settle the score, then MPL Officials reserve the right to make the final decision.
      2. The Top 8 teams from the regular season qualify for the playoffs and will be seeded accordingly where the Top 4 is seeded in the Upper Bracket while the Bottom 4 is seeded in the Lower Bracket. Double elimination system is used in the playoffs. The 8 teams will compete according to their seeding: E.g.: Upper Bracket 1st vs 4th, 2nd vs 3rd; Lower Bracket 5th vs 8th, 6th vs 7th (an announcement will be made by MPL Officials in the event of any changes)
  1. Schedule & Punctuality
    1. Every team accepts the official schedule of the competition and declares its ability to be available during these times. Failure to turn up for matches results in a forfeiture of that match.
    2. The official schedule of the competition will be announced on the official FSL channels and/or on the competition’s website. The teams will also be informed about it via discord. This schedule includes the time of each match which represents the start time of Game 1 of the match.
    3. The change of a match time is only possible under exceptional circumstances and has to be confirmed by the administration.
    4. Teams are allowed to request to swap time of matches with other teams at least 3 days prior to match day. Requests of swaps are subjected to consent by teams involved and approval by the administration.
    5. If a delayed end of a previous match prohibits a match to start on schedule (due to either one of the involved teams still playing or the official broadcaster still streaming the previous match within the same tournament), the match time is changed to 5 minutes after the end of the previous match.
    6. Teams and players must be in the lobby 10 minutes before start to decide sides/first pick. Draft will not proceed unless all 10 players are in the lobby.
    7. Unexpected issues for one single player are not a valid reason to postpone matches.
  2. If a team is not ready to start a game in time, the following punishments will be applied by the referee:
    1. 5 minutes late => Level 1 Draft Penalty
    2. 10 minutes late => Level 2 Draft Penalty
    3. 15 minutes late => Level 3 Draft Penalty
    4. 20 minutes late => Forfeit of the game (not the whole match)
    5. X minutes late means that the team is not ready to start until X
    6. minutes after the official start time of the game.
  1. Technical Issues
    1. Teams are responsible for their own technical issues, including hardware, software and/or internet issues. Matches will not be rescheduled because of technical issues and matches will be played nevertheless.
    2. In case of a server crash, the game can be continued from a new draft but has to be the same lineup
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