Get to know the FSL Elite teams!
We’ve got an interview as well as compiled highlights from Pho Bo Team, winner of FSL AoV Vietnam

  • Dark Slayer/Captain: Dang “Saber” Quynh Nhung
  • Jungle: Hoang “Andrew” Thu Thuy
  • Support: Pham “Sunny Coco” Thi Thuy Trang
  • Mid: Dang “Saya” Thanh Vy
  • Abyssal Dragon: Phan “Ponyo” Thi Thu Ha
  • Abyssal Dragon: Nguyen “Tracy” Thi My Ngoc
Check our their team highlights here!

Q: Hello Pho Bo Team! Please introduce your members and share a fun fact about yourself

Tracy: My hobbies are playing video games and boys :v My fun fact is that I’m not good in writing and singing, but I still love doing these things and sometimes may get delusional about my ability haha 😁
Sunny Coco: I love traveling to many places to draw colourized pictures, read books and enjoy delicious foods and drinks! I like the feeling of being alone! A fun fact about me is that I’m a teacher and my students introduced the game AoV to me. I played AoV with my students every weekend.
Saya: I like Singaporean cuisine and feel lucky to have the chance to travel here. My fun fact is that I’m addicted to sleeping. I often get up at 6 AM but I go back to sleep and leave bed only at 9.
Andrew: I love buying lipsticks and I’m a big fan of G-Dragon!
Saber: I like travelling around the world and eating seafood!
Beo Beo: Sleeping is my passion, contentiousness defines me. I’m straightforward but get angry easily, dreamy and especially like to go for coffee alone.

Pho Bo Team @ Comex

Q: How long has the team been together for? What is your training regime like?

Saber: My team has been together for 3 months. We practice every night by playing ranked games and scrimming with the other teams.

Q: What food you would like to try most in Singapore? And could you share your thoughts on going to FSL Elite?

Saber: We wanna to try DimSum and Nasi Lemak in Singapore!

I guess male esports gamers are more common than female esports gamers, but being in FSL Elite is a wonderful opportunity for females to show our skills and passion. We look forward to playing against other all-female teams, and FSL Elite will be our chance to shine.

Wishing the girls all the best for Day 2!

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