[Elite] FSL LoL Rules and Regulations

**Rules and regulations will be updated on an as-needed basis, please check back regularly for the most updated version**

**Please note that by registering for this tournament, the player allows the organiser to use (not limited to) their likeness, video, audio and visual materials, royalty-free and in perpetuity.**

Tournament Map: Summoner’s Rift
Game Mode: 5v5 Tournament Draft (Please do not create Draft mode)
Tournament Patch Version: Live Server 9.4 (All champions are allowed.)

For online qualifiers:
All players must have their microphones on and talk constantly throughout the game while in Discord. The game cannot be started/resumed unless there is a marshal present inside the team’s Discord channel.
Any player that is caught account sharing/spoofing during the online play-ins will result in the entire team being disqualified from this competition. If caught, necessary actions will be taken.

  1. All changes to the roster must be communicated to the admins at least 3 days before the competition dates (5 Jan/20 Jan/27 Jan). We will not accept any IGN changes or addition/removal of players after 10 Jan.
  2. Only the captains of the winning teams have to submit the screenshot to this url (http://bit.ly/FSL3results).
  3. Teams are allowed to field any players in their roster for all matches, as long as the names are listed in this spreadsheet.
  4. Players are allowed to swap roles in game. However, when you are in the game lobby, teams have to arrange themselves according to this order: Top- Jungle- Mid- Ad- Sp (following the official roster’s player roles).
  5. All teams are allowed to have a substitute player (maximum 1 per team) a coach (maximum 1 coach) throughout the qualifiers.
  6. Coaches are to be registered along with the team. The coach cannot be on the active roster, reserve roster or coaching another team in the tournament.
  7. Teams are only allowed to use their registered coaches for their games unless they requested a change based on Rule 1.
  8. Teams on the top half of the Challonge’s bracket match will be starting the Bo1/Bo3 on the blue team. Example:
    *The FSL committee may amend any of the aforementioned rules at their discretion.
    *If you have any problems, please contact any of the marshalls by sending them a personal message through Discord.

Rules and Regulations – Offline Event

1. The winning team will be decided upon destruction of the enemy Nexus.

2. Punctual and ready teams will have a right to impose penalties on teams that are late.
Definition of punctual/ready – (All 5 players in the lobby) (1 person in the lobby is not counted as present or ready)
Late Penalties
(a) 5 minutes after match time Lose 1 ban
(b) 10 minutes after match time Lose 2 bans
(c) 15 minutes after match time Lose 3 bans
(d) 30 minutes after match time Walkover/Forfeit

3 . Disconnections
In the case of players having disconnections, games should be paused by using /pause command.
Waiting penalties
(a) After 7 minutes: Team that requested for pause will confirm with marshals whether to bring in the substitute player to take over the disconnected player.
Same champion picks and summoner spells must be used for the restarted game.
(b) After 15 minutes: Decision will be made by the referee.
The referee will only make a judgement in the following situation:
(i) To all players due to an issue with the server. The team with the most inhibitors up will be declared the winner.
(ii) Within 2 minutes from the start of the match & before first blood, if they are unable to reconnect
(iii) Selection Error. In the event of an erroneously-selected Champion Pick/Ban, the team in error must notify the referee before the other team has locked in their next selection. If so, the champion select process will be restarted and brought back to the point where the error occurred so that the team that made the error can correct their mistake. If the next selection is locked in before the team informs the referee, the team will have to play on with the erroneously-selected Champion. The event in which a player does not own the Champion that the team wishes to draft and locks in a substitute champion is NOT considered a selection error and teams will not be allowed to remake the game.

Judgment may include, (a) restarting the game or (b) awarding the game to one of the teams.
(a) Restarting the game
Both teams should have the same champions they picked and banned previously, as well as Summoner spells, unless there is a case where a bug occurred during the champion select phase that led to a situation where players were unable to change their Summoner spell.
If any players were to encounter any in-game issues, please use the /pause command and proceed to the discord channel to communicate your problems to the marshals. Players are not allowed to restart the game until the marshal has given permission to do so.
(b) Awarded Game Victory
In the event of a technical difficulty which requires the referee to declare a restart, the referee may instead award a game victory to a team. If a game has been played for more than 20 minutes on the game clock (00:20:00), the referee, in their sole discretion, may determine that a team cannot avoid defeat to a degree of reasonable certainty. The following criteria may be used in the determination of reasonable certainty.
(i) Gold Differential. The difference in gold between the teams is more than 33%
(ii) Remaining Turret Differential. The difference in the number of remaining turrets between the teams is more than seven.
(iii) Remaining Inhibitor Differential. The difference in the number of standing inhibitors between the teams is more than two.

4 . There shall be no unnecessary chatting or any form of bad manners in the game lobby (Before/After Game) or in game.
“Unnecessary chatting” means any chatting other than the cases listed below:
(a) Greeting messages between the players
(b) Any message to highlight game errors or bugs
Examples of bad manners include:
(a) Flashing Ctrl 6 masteries
(b) Flashing emotes

5 . Game pauses

Teams may only pause the game if:
(a) There is a major issue to solve.
(b) When the game is paused, the opposing team must be notified for the reasons of the pause
(c) There should be no communication among players while the game is paused. Only the player who is experiencing technical difficulties should be talking and only to the referee.
(d) Please ask the opponents if they are ready before resuming the game. You can resume the game once the opponent has given the approval to resume.

6. Unfair play

The following actions will be considered unfair play:
(a) The use of any cheat program and/or map hack program.
(b) An intentional disconnection
(c) The use of any settings exceeding the standard and permitted settings
(d) Clearly allowing an opponent to win a match.
(e) Unsportsmanlike behavior or, in general, disruptive (e.g. shouting), inappropriate and/or
unprofessional actions directed towards another player (even inside the game).
(f) The use of a program bug that is determined by the board of referees as being unfair.
(g) During the course of the event, the board of referees may determine other actions to embody
unfair play.
(h) False declaration of surrendering (e.g. typing gg/it’s over).
(i) Any “unnecessary chatting” during the match

7. If a referee decides that external conditions (Press, Team Leader, Player, Spectator, etc) are giving or have given an unfair advantage to a team, the team may be given a warning or lose by default at the referee’s sole discretion.

8. Teams that want to report their opponents for unfair play should do so during or immediately after the game to their game referee.
Upon discovery of any player committing any violations regarded as unfair play, the offending player, at the sole discretion of the board of referees, may receive a warning, a forfeit loss or, in extreme cases, be disqualified from the tournament.

9. If your team qualifies for the next stage of the tournament, at least 3 of the members who participated in the preceding qualifiers must remain in the roster. All requests for roster changes are to be made to the FSL admins/marshals at least 3 days before the start of the next match. All requests are subject to approval of FSL.

10. Teams who have qualified into the play-offs may pick up eliminated players from the play-ins but must retain at least 3 of the members who participated in the preceding qualifiers.

11. Tournament referees may amend any of the aforementioned rules at their discretion.

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