FSL#6 DOTA 2 : Rules and Regulations

Competition Starts : 1st Sept 2018 – January 2019 Registration Closes : 31st August 2018 All times are in SINGAPORE timezone (+8GMT) As always, before proceeding



Discord Instructions [NEW INSTRUCTIONS]

https://discord.gg/UXuVHmy Type in channel “Role-assignment” !fsl-participant if you are participating in FSL S6. !fsl-community if you wish to hang out with other female DOTA 2 gamers in the region It is compulsory to join the Discord channel as it is the main communications platform for tournament. If you have problems please @IMBA ADMINS (in blue) or @FSL HEAD ADMIN (dark red)

Tournament format :

Up to 32 teams, double round robin league (all teams will play every other registered team in a BO2 series) into Single Elimination BO3 playoffs for the top 4 teams (including 3rd place match).

  • 1-2 sets to be played per week (week starts on sat and ends on friday), pending final schedule
  • Up to 18 weeks for round robin (pending final number of teams that signed up),
  • 1 week for top 4 playoffs
  • To be verified as an FSL Caster, Admin, Captain/Manager, please @IMBA ADMINS (in blue) or FSL HEAD ADMIN (dark red) in the fsl_season_6 channel and your role will be updated accordingly.

We will require government-issued ID or Birth-Certificate if your team makes the playoffs. If your ID does not match your gender, please email pmsfurryfish@gmail.com to arrange for an alternative verification process. All emails will be kept strictly confidential and deleted at the end of the tournament.

Registration: https://goo.gl/forms/R0vuATzTR0NaTTTv2

  • Do note that you can re-access your form and edit details after submission
  • Up to 7 members may be registered (5 main and 2 subs). Only 5 members will receive prizes, if the team wins.
  • No Stand-ins allowed, all players must be registered in the team
  • Note that you are not allowed to play for multiple teams, even if your team decides to give up halfway through the tournament. Additional members added during the season must not have been registered with other rosters.
  • a majority of 4 original registered members MUST remain for a team to play under the same tag.


  1. Match Hosting
    1. FSL Admins will host all games for teams, and set all settings accordingly
    2. Servers will be hosted on the Asia Singapore server in DOTA 2 unless both teams agree to have it on another server
    3. Please coordinate with an @FSL Admin for your match times.
    4. Lobby passwords will be exchanged on the Discord channel #fsl_season_6
  2. Setting Match Times
    1. Each play week will run from Saturday to Friday
    2. Teams are highly encouraged to finish their allocated matches by the specified week
    3. IF both teams HAVE to postpone a match and both agree, please speak to an admin. Teams will still have to complete their other allocated matches for the week.
  3. Match Day Process
    1. 30 minutes before the scheduled match time has arrived, your team captain should check in on discord and @opponent and @the designated admin
    2. Your designated admin will create the lobby and share the password
    3. Teams must then check in by being in the lobby before the scheduled match time. If a team is not in the lobby 1 minute after the scheduled match time, they will forfeit Game 1. If they are not in the match 30 minutes after it has begun, they will forfeit Game 2 as well.
    4. Use the flip coin command in chat to determine which team will pick side for Game 1. The team that did not pick will pick the side for Game 2.
    5. Once both sides are ready, please also check if your match has any official casters, and the admin will start the game.
  4. Each team has 10 minutes of pause time per game, after which the opponent may resume.
  5. If a team types “GG” or uses the command “Good Game” in all chat, it automatically gives the opponent a win. ** Captains, please make sure that your team is aware of this rule**

**Please note that by registering for this tournament, the player allows the organiser to use (not limited to) their likeness, video, audio and visual materials, royalty-free and in perpetuity.**

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